IAH Airport Transportation and Car Rental Service in Houston, TX

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport or IAH airport is serviced by the major rental companies at the Consolidated Rental Car Facility. The facility is on the east side, five minutes from the terminals – modern, efficient and customer friendly. All rental car companies share a common bus system for convenience of all the passengers. All companies providing IAH airport transportation service can be contacted in advance before your arrival or departure, or you can book in the terminal.

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You can certainly arrive on time, as the facility’s system was designed to decrease traffic at the terminal curbsides. Travelers will have less confusion where to proceed after arriving in the airport and what vehicle they need to ride on. There are over 30,000 rental cars in Houston with every major rental car company represented. If you want to arrive on your flight on time or on your business appointment in downtown, you will need to choose wisely for a car rental company to hire.

If you arrive at IAH for business or personal purposes, Houston airport transportation companies can definitely help you to arrive at your destination promptly and with convenience. You can find counters at IAH for different rental car agencies. By paying attention to details of the offers from car rental agencies, you can get more value for your money and a higher level of limo service in Houston. Take extra care and effort in choosing the car rental agency to hire.

Your option is either to go for the bigger and more popular car rental companies like Advantage Limousine Services and Amis, or prefer the smaller local ones. Either of the two options offers advantages and disadvantages. The big names in the industry of car rental mostly have better and newer cars for rent but the cost could hurt your pocket. Yet, the make and model options for car rentals are abundant. If the kind of car you rent matters to you the most, then these car rental agencies with more options is wise. When you need a means of private airport transportation where you could save more on rental fees, you should go for the smaller car rental agencies and with cheaper rates sounds like a good option.

It is quite tough to determine reliable Houston luxury car rental companies that offers prompt and convenience services, especially when you are dealing with this for the first time. However, many commuters would rather hand over their payment to the counter than scrutinize the contract or agreement involved. To save you from a lot of headaches and unanswered questions, it would be really helpful to read the agreement before signing or paying so you do not get surprise charges and fees.

It should not be difficult to find a reliable IAH airport car rental service at all. Doing your part on researching about various car rental agencies before committing to one would guarantee a prompt and convenient service.